October 1964 Issue

Volume 14, 1964

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Henry Hazlitt refers to the popular cure for backward nations as an illness he would call "industrialitis".

- October 01, 1964

The Sad Little Story of Wink

The story of Wink, Texas, perhaps tells as forcefully as any other the futility of trying to rehabilitate an area the natives want to abandon.

- October 01, 1964

Liberty and Law

A minister explains the manner in which laws can help or hinder the cause of liberty.

- October 01, 1964

The Flight From Reality: The Mind of the Reformer

Clarence Carson opens a new series on "The Flight From Reality," dealing in this introductory chapter with the viewpoint of the reformer.

- October 01, 1964

In Self Defense

When men rely on violence in their relationships, the result is government power with a tendency to grow.

- October 01, 1964

Business and Government

In Socratic style, the President of the University of Rochester examines the relationship between business and government.

- October 01, 1964

Lincoln on Power

Dean Russell finds in one of Lincoln's earlier speeches a timely warning against the man with a lust for political power.

- October 01, 1964

A Reviewer's Notebook - 1964/10

From recent books by Senators Proxmire and Humphrey, John Chamberlain gleans evidence of what Holmes Alexander meant by "The Equivocal Men."

- October 01, 1964