November 1973 Issue

Volume 23, 1973

cover image November 1973
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Political Corruption

One result of all-powerful government and centralized power.

- November 01, 1973

Health Care, Human Rights and Government Intervention

A critical appraisal of the efforts to nationalize medical and dental services.

- November 01, 1973

Welfare as a Right

If it is a right, rather than a privilege, someone must be bound to deliver.

- November 01, 1973

Dear America:

An open letter from a young American.

- November 01, 1973

How to Stop Inflation

Take from government the power to create money and hand out special privileges.

- November 01, 1973

The Right to Be Wrongand the Obligation to Be Right

To the right of free speech is forever attached the obligation to be right.

- November 01, 1973

Freedom/Responsibilitythe Quest for Individual Dignity

Only through self-improvement may one proceed toward a better world.

- November 01, 1973

The Cry for Freedom Is the Scream of Nature

However frustrating the search for freedom, it must go on.

- November 01, 1973