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Volume 49, 1999

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Tensions in Early American Political Thought

According to the eminent historian of political thought J.G.A. Pocock, republican theory (or “civic humanism”) was the most significant current of eighteenth-century English and American political philosophy. In the form of “country ideology,” republicanism gave “left” and “right” critics of government policies a framework and believable rhetoric for their arguments.

- May 01, 1999

America Is Number 1 Again

In 1991, I prepared an advertising campaign for my book Economics on Trial (Irwin). The headline was: “Japan and Germany Win World War III,” followed by the subtitle, “Their formula multiplies wealth so rapidly that they will achieve their goal of world domination by the year 2000.” Recently I came across a delightful book that confirms my view that America is once again on top of the world: the fourth edition of The Illustrated Book of World Rankings, edited and compiled by George Thomas Kurian.[2] Out of some 100 positive listings, the United States received top billing in 33 categories. Among them:

- May 01, 1999