January/February 2006 Issue

Volume 56, 2006

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Still Neither Left Nor Right

We live in a time when virtually all political parties and candidates stand for the same fundamental ideological idea: state interventionism and compulsory redistribution.This also applies to the mainstream media.

- January 01, 2006

The Trade Deficit Lowers Our Living Standard?

If Americans could figure out a way to bottle and export all the nonsense and half-truths that have been written about the U.S. trade deficit, the alleged problem might fix itself.

- January 01, 2006

Capitalism and Natural Disasters

Six of America's ten most powerful storms have struck during the past half-century, yet only one of them (Katrina) is among Americas ten deadliest hurricanes.

- January 01, 2006

The Government-Created Right-to-Work Issue

The principles involved in right-to-work laws are identical with those involved in [workplace antidiscrimination laws.]

- January 01, 2006

The Freeman: Through the Years

In an age when lots of think-tanks, foundations, organizations, and institutes publish magazines extolling the benefits of free markets, it is hard to imagine the early 1950s, when only a handful of pro-free-market publications existed, most notably The Freeman.

- January 01, 2006

The Freeman: Ideas on Liberty

Henry Hazlitt (18941993), on the hundredth anniversary of his birth, most deservedly was designated journalist of the century. He also was the last survivor of the founding trustees of the Foundation for Economic Education.

- January 01, 2006

The Freeman: An Eyewitness View

The Freeman has a long and distinguished history in the cause of liberty.

- January 01, 2006

If There Were No Capitalism

"If there were no God it would be necessary to invent Him." Thus the witty and skeptical Voltaire's phrase could also be applied to the economic system known as capitalism.

- January 01, 2006

Uncle Sam's Flood Machine

When NASAs Pathfinder spacecraft landed on Mars in 1997 and sent back pictures showing that the planet was once flooded, comic Alan Ray quipped: "Of course, Mars lacks the one factor that makes high waters on Earth so much more devastating. Mars has no FEMA."

- January 01, 2006

The Day the Glue Came Undone

Scenes of the devastation and suffering inflicted by Hurricane Katrina will long remain in our memories. Equally horrifying were the pictures of New Orleans residentsand policemen helping themselves to goods from stores.

- January 01, 2006