January 1969 Issue

Volume 19, 1969

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The Only Kind of People There Are

Our differences, traits of individuality, are wasted under central planningrequire freedom to develop.

- January 01, 1969

The Rise and Fall of England: 11. The Fabian Thrust to Socialism

Concerning the history of the Society and its development since 1884.

- January 01, 1969

The Free Society and Its Enemies

One's basic view of human nature determines largely whether he favors freedom or not.

- January 01, 1969

How We Discourage Investment

The high tax rate on the earnings of successful business ventures is a short-cut to economic stagnation.

- January 01, 1969

Education in America: 4. The Decline of Intellect

How dangerous a little knowledge may be is revealed by those who would reject their intellectual heritage in a new adjustment to circumstances.

- January 01, 1969

In Praise of the Conventional Wisdom

Our common sense ought to prevail over the utopian promises of socialism.

- January 01, 1969

An Inquiry Concerning Inequality

Variations in nature and in the nature of man point to the blessings of diversity.

- January 01, 1969