February 1967 Issue

Volume 17, 1967

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Domestic Inflation Versus International Solvency

A serious problem, suggests Gary North, stems from the fact that a policy of domestic inflation results in an irredeemable money unacceptable for settling balances due in international trade.

- February 01, 1967

How Should Prices Be Determined?

Henry Hazlitt further pursues the monetary question through the implications of price controls, antitrust policies, and other interventions, to the conclusion that an unhampered market best finds the right price.

- February 01, 1967

The Bait & The Hook

Some fishermen may be surprised to discover, with Professor Carson's help, that men, too, can be baited and hooked on promises of something for nothing.

- February 01, 1967

Prophets, Jurists, and Property

Judge William Palmer, long devoted to the defense of property as the key to human rights, traces the history of private property over the centuries and points up the seriousness of modern invasions of privacy.

- February 01, 1967

American Federalism: Erosion

In this third article of his series on American Federalism, Dr. Roche identifies a number of today's most devastating departures from the basic principles and design.

- February 01, 1967

A Reviewer's Notebook - 1967/2

Losing has its merits, suggests John Chamberlain as he reviews William Buckley's "The Unmaking of a Mayor."

And George Roche finds worthy of note "The Fabian Way" and "The Democrat's Dilemma."

- February 01, 1967