Work on Your Dreams as If You're Already Awake

It’s Time to Wake Up

Dreams are nice.

Sleeping, waking, they can be quite enjoyable. But they’re just fantasy. In the real world, they may as well not exist at all.

Only when we begin to change our reality to make those dreams something more solid than a flight of fancy do they begin to matter to anyone other than ourselves.

Only when we take action, put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard or tools to material do our dreams begin to be true.

We may not have access to the most expensive technology or experience ideal circumstances. We may not even be very good at what we’re trying to do yet. But nobody ever got better at anything just by sitting around and dreaming about it.

A dream, no matter how beautiful, does no one any good if all it does is sit on a mental pedestal. A dream, no matter how pristine, ever came to life without being handled.

In the doing, your dream may or may not change over time. It may expand or contract. It may simplify or grow more complex. But for a certainty, your dream will never become anything other than a dream if all you ever do is sleep on it.

If you genuinely want your dreams to come true, you have to act on them. You have to get out of bed and do something. You have to wake up.

It’s time.