Work on Your Dreams as If You're Already Awake

Don't Go Chasing Mudpiles

You may love playing the piano, but that doesn’t mean you’ll always enjoy practicing your scales.

You may love the game of basketball, but that doesn’t mean it will always be fun to work on your free throws.

You may love writing, but that doesn’t mean it will always feel good to edit your material.

Finding your passion is only half the equation.

The other half is learning how to fuel your passion when the initial flame starts to diminish.

When you only work hard on your dreams when things are easy, you’re not following your passion. You’re following your obstacles, inconveniences, and hardships.

Here’s an illustration for you:

Let’s say you’re out taking your dog for a walk. Your dog gets loose from his leash and starts to run away from you. Now you’re chasing your dog. After running after him for a few blocks, your dog runs through a large pile of mud. If you decide to stop following your dog, because of some mud that’s on the path, then what would you be following? Well, you definitely wouldn’t be following the dog. The dog would still be on the move and you’d be standing there disgusted by the mud. You’d be following the mud because that’s where you’d be getting your cues from. If you were following your dog, you would have gone around, through, or over the crap.

If you truly want to follow your passion, then you have to keep pursuing it even when stuff gets in your way.

You have to follow your passion around the obstacle, through the obstacle, or over the obstacle.

Follow your passion, but don’t mistake that for having it easy all the time.

Go after your dreams, but keep going after them even when they drag you through a muddy pile of hard work.