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Undoctrination is a new show about liberty, current events, and issues facing the rising generation, hosted by Maggie Anders and Olivia Rondeau.

Leftism has made Britain a dystopia

August 10, 2023

Political commentator Jess Gill joined the show all the way from England to discuss how socialism has ruined Britain—namely, the disastrous consequences of the country’s National Health Service. Watch as Maggie and Jess explore the flaws of the NHS and the other damaging effects of leftism in the U.K.

Hosted by Maggie Anders and Jess Gill
Produced by Pavel Rusakov, Dan Sanchez, and Paul Nelson
Edited by Pavel Rusakov


Maggie’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/LibertyAnders
Olivia’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/rondeaulivia

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