Prepare to be Undoctrinated

Prepare to be Undoctrinated

January 19, 2023

Welcome to the first episode of Undoctrination from the Foundation for Economic Education!

In this new show, Maggie Anders and Olivia Rondeau chat about liberty, current events, and issues facing the rising generation. In this episode, Maggie and Olivia discuss their development towards a path of free thinking and how other people can approach the same journey. They also talk about why so many Millennials and Gen Z are depressed about the world, and how their politics affect their mental health.

Hosted by Maggie Anders and Olivia Rondeau
Produced by Pavel Rusakov, Dan Sanchez, and Paul Nelson
Edited by Pavel Rusakov

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Undoctrination is a new show from FEE hosted by Maggie Anders and Olivia Rondeau. Maggie and Olivia will chat about liberty, current events, and issues facing the rising generation. Enter your email to receive updates about the show.

About the Hosts

Olivia is a 21-year-old political commentator, strategist, and journalist hailing from the Washington, DC area, and currently based in Los Angeles. Her background involves everything from competing as a Team USA athlete to making her mark on the liberty movement by writing for and speaking on some of the largest platforms, including Fox News, HBO, and of course, FEE. Her journey from indoctrinated…

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Maggie Anders is a Content Creator and Operations Manager at the Foundation for Economic Education. She utilizes her strong social media presence to elevate FEE's brand and message.

Before joining FEE, Maggie served as the Regional Director at Young Americans for Liberty, where she led a network of college activists and staffed campaigns for pro-liberty candidates. She also worked in development…

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