This Man Can Save Hollywood

This Man Can Save Hollywood

March 1, 2023

Hello and welcome to the premiere episode of The UnScene!

Hollywood is a strange place. Diversity and woke moralizing are becoming poor substitutes for timeless lessons that speak to the broader human condition. With all of this nonsense going on, Tom Cruise’s movies skirt right past the toxic political climate. Even though he might have strong convictions, he never feels compelled to add them into his movies in an attempt to posture at his lowly audience. Could the Tom Cruise approach be the key to saving Hollywood?

Written by Matt Hampton, Matt Tabor, Paul Nelson, Sean W. Malone,
Narrated by Matt Tabor
Produced by Paul Nelson, Matt Tabor
Edited by Michael Ozias
Assistant Edited by Abby Richardson

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Welcome to The UnScene!

To all of our dedicated fans hungry for long-form content after Out of Frame, The UnScene was created for you. This new twice-monthly series is aimed at exploring the unseen themes and ideas about economics and political philosophy in popular culture, art, and entertainment.

Hope you enjoy.

About the Hosts

Matt Hampton is the commentary content associate for the Foundation for Economic Education.

Matt studied Advertising and Strategic Communications at Lindenwood University, where he was editor-in-chief of the campus news publication. His reporting and a podcast he produced as a student have been recognized by the College Media Association, the Missouri College Media Association, and the Society of…

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