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Former FEE writer Eileen Wittig reprises her popular column using dry wit and some good ideas to solve tricky everyday problems for young people.

Eileen Finds The Perfect Costume

October 26, 2017

Still trying to figure out what to wear for Halloween? On the first episode of our new web series, The "Lazy" Millennial, our host Eileen helps you navigate the cultural appropriation minefield. The Lazy Millennial is FEE’s newest web series that solves problems you actually have. Like how to get the most out of a vacation, how to keep your New Years resolutions, and how to get an awesome job. Subscribe so you don’t miss out on new episodes and check out for more awesome content!

Written by Eileen Wittig, Sean W. Malone and Jaye Davidson
Produced by Sean W. Malone and Jaye Davidson

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