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Universal Studios Is Trolling Struggling Movie Theaters

May 21, 2020

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Trolls World Tour surprised everyone with its astonishing success as a premium video-on-demand rental, pulling in a tidy sum for its parent studio Universal since its April 10th release. But not everyone is happy with the positive results of Universal's premium VOD experiment. After hearing that Universal is seriously considering continuing to offer VOD rentals in addition to theatrical releases once film exhibitors open back up, movie theater giant AMC declared it wouldn't play ANY Universal films if that happens.

It's no secret that fewer and fewer people have been going to the movies in recent years, and film exhibitors were struggling even before COVID-19 and the policy responses to it shut down vast swathes of the economy. But will the success of this innocuous animated musical really be the straw that breaks the camel's back?


Produced by Sean W. Malone
Written by Jen Maffessanti & Sean W. Malone
Edited by Paul Nelson
Asst. Edited by Jason Reinhardt


-Universal/AMC Drama-

-Movie Theater Psychology-

-Creative Destruction-

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