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“How We Thrive” is a docuseries profiling inspiring stories female entrepreneurs and the impact their businesses have made on the world. From one of the world’s more prolific acoustic instrument companies, to a Senegalese entrepreneur trying to combat the poverty image, to a pioneer in the health care industry who built a half a billion dollar company as a female CEO in Texas in the 1970s, to a pair of women cutting their way through miles of conflicting rules in the legal marijuana industry in Colorado - each episode follows the creation and growth of a specific company, the trials and tribulations experienced, and the knowledge gained - with the hopes of inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs.

We chose women who not only do business well, despite all of the roadblocks: funding, regulation, competitive markets, but women who are passionate about what they do - women who are striving to make a difference.

Made in Mékhé

July 19, 2018

Magatte Wade was born in Senegal but spent much of her childhood in France. Growing up, she saw the extreme differences in wealth between Africa and Europe. This disparity sparked a question... Why are some countries rich, and others poor?

As she discovered the answer, Magatte was inspired to become an entrepreneur and bring business and investment back to her home.

In the latest award-winning installment of our powerful How We Thrive documentary series, we explore the path to wealth for countries like Senegal, and what a better business environment would mean to the whole of continent of Africa.

Winner of "Best Documentary", Peachtree Village International Film Festival!

Winner of "Best Short Documentary", Anthem Libertarian Film Festival

Winner of the Grand Jury Honorable Mention prize at the Richmond International Film Festival

Winner of a Silver 2019 Telly Award for Best Online Series

Produced by Prominence Films
Executive Produced by Sean W. Malone

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