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Economics is everywhere...if only you choose to see it. Join the FEEcast team every Friday for a lively recap of the week's important stories to give you the meaning behind the headlines.

Featuring Richard Lorenc, Brittany Hunter, Dan Sanchez and Marianne March

Produced by Sean W. Malone, Pavel Rusakov, and Jaye Davidson

April 20, 2018

The Foundation for Economic Education proudly presents the inaugural episode of our new weekly show FEEcast, a lively and intelligent exploration of today’s most interesting stories and issues through the clarifying lens of economic thinking. In this episode, Richard Lorenc, Brittany Hunter, Dan Sanchez, and Marianne March discuss taxes (IRS.gov had a tax day meltdown!), wealth (#IdLikeToBeRichEnoughTo is trending on Twitter), and what made human prosperity, after millions of years of stagnation, skyrocket in recent history.

Links from this episode:

MSN: IRS Payment System Fails on Tax Day
Twitter: #IdLikeToBeRichEnoughTo
FEE.org: You Are Richer Than John D. Rockefellar
FEE.org: Humanity's Remarkable Progress in One Chart
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