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Africa Needs Freedom, Not Hand-Me-Downs

June 15, 2018

FEEcast is honored to have Magatte Wade as our guest in this special episode recorded at FEEcon 2018. Magatte is a Senegalese entrepreneur and the founder of skin is skin. She is also the subject of an upcoming documentary short in FEE’s “How We Thrive” series.

Magatte rejects the casting of the people of her country and continent as helpless charity cases. What Africa needs, she insists, is not handouts or hand-me-downs, but freedom: especially the freedom to lift themselves up through commerce. As she explains to the FEEcast panel, Africans deserve better than perpetual dependence. Like all people, they deserve the dignity of trade, work, and self-reliance, which is the only path toward eradicating poverty instead of merely ameliorating it.

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Magatte Wade: The Power of Entrepreneurship

Local Entrepreneurs, Not Foreign Do-Gooders, Are the True Hope of Africa

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