BLACK & WHITE NEWS REEL NARRATOR Last time on Common Sense Soapbox, Bob to the Future! Scene from previous episode... EXT. CITY STREET - EVENING After work, BOB and CHARLIE are walking downtown [setting from EPISODE 3]. PENGUIN is waddling a few steps behind them, now carrying a briefcase. Bob is carrying a large wad of TACO MEAT. CHARLIE Ugh... Bob, why did you ask Steve to pay you in meat from the Taco Mine? You know we use money here! BOB Yuck. Money just seems so gross! INSERT: Dripping meatwad. BOB Why can't we all just trade the goods and services we create directly with other people? Then we all get everything for free! [Literal meme:] Penguin facepalms. Charlie rolls her eyes but chooses not to pull that thread. CHARLIE Ohhhhkay... So what exacly do you plan to do with all that? She points to the meatwad. BOB I'm gonna go get all the parts I need to start my new business. Charlie is nonplussed. Penguin shakes his head in embarrassment while Bob stuffs the meat into his wallet. CHARLIE Wouldn't it be easier to... Ah, never mind. Let's go to the flea market! BOB The flea market? Hey, we had those in my day! CUT TO: EXT. FLEA MARKET - LATER Penguin, Bob and Charlie enter the FLEA MARKET OF THE FUTURE. We see a big archway that says "FLEA MARKET" and floating lights that illuminate a huge open-air market. There are kiosks and storefronts selling all sorts technologically advanced goods and services. They are all run by large flea-like MUTANTS and CYBORGS. Bob is horrified by the Blomkampian creatures. BOB (choking) I’m think I’m gonna be sick... CHARLIE (shocked) That’s pretty rude, Bob. I thought you said you had flea markets in your time? BOB Run by HUMANS! Not FLEAS! Cherlie is shocked at Bob's reaction. CHARLIE (embarrassed) Shh. Try being a little more tolerant, Bob. Bob shudders. He then notices one of the stands is selling guide books. EXT. GUIDE BOOK KIOSK - CONTINUOUS A small vendor stand with a bunch of holographic cubes that are advertised tech manuals and tutorials display. We see some of the titles like "Learn Anything!" and "Programming For Larvae!" etc. BOB Oh! Oh! Look! I could use that! BOOK FLEA, the Flea behind the kiosk, chimes in. BOOK FLEA: I'll cut you a deal! How's 12 credits sound? Bob pulls out his wallet which is filled to the brim with taco meat. BOB Uh... What’s the conversion rate between credits and taco meat? Book Flea is confused. BOOK FLEA Uh... We take credits here, bud. What am I gonna do with that? Book Flea uses one of his arms to point at Bob's meatwad. BOB No deal! Money is EVIL! I'm gonna barter this meat for the stuff I need. Charlie looks at the flea apologetically. While Bob is complaining, Penguin gives Book Flea a couple credits for a book on business management. The flea tips his hat at penguin with one of his arms and turns back to Bob. BOOK FLEA Well, whatever you say, pal. Good luck! BOB (offended) Pff. I don’t need LUCK! CUT TO: MONTAGE - BOB TALKS TO VENDORS We see a short montage of kiosks slamming their rolling doors on Bob each time he tries to trade them his taco meat. The final kiosk actually wants the taco meat and attempts to trade Bob an economics text book for it. This time, Bob slams the door. EXT. FLEA MARKET - NIGHT It's the end of the day and shops are starting to close down. Bob has spent all evening trying to get someone to trade him tools and holographic info-cubes for his dripping, gross meatwad. Penguin sits next to them reading/looking at his info-cubes, learning about business. BOB Ugh! Why is it so hard to find people to trade with?! CHARLIE Maybe it’s because you’re bartering with poorly transported taco meat? There isn’t always a coincidence of wants, Bob! BOB A coincidence of... Whats? CHARLIE If you want to buy something someone else has, you need to be able to give them what they want in return. BOB (annoyed at the simplicity) Duh. CHARLIE But finding somebody who has what you want and who also wants your taco meat is... BOB (interrupting) ...Impossible! Arrrrhghhh! I’m giving up! Bob falls over onto the ground, defeated. Charlie gets a little frustrated with Bob's ridiculousness. CHARLIE But we solved this problem thousands of years ago! BOB We did!? Bob rises back up without the use of his arms or legs, effectively “falling” back up, gross taco meat in hand. CHARLIE Yes. With the invention of money! BLACK AND WHITE NEWS REEL NARRATOR: Next time on a very special Common Sense Soapbox… CLIP from Episode VIII.

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Short videos with a punchy, comedic tone and entertaining Socratic characters taking on trending issues and important concepts from a classical liberal perspective, written & animated by Seamus Coughlin.

Money. It Solves Problems.

January 14, 2020

It might seem really simple, but for all the hate the concept of money gets, it's actually incredibly important to a functioning economy because it solves several fundamental problems for people trying to get what they want, starting with the "double coincidence of wants".

In a barter system, both you *and* the person you're hoping to trade with have to want what each other has at the same time. But most of the time, that doesn't happen. Money makes it possible for you to get what you need without needing to have *exactly* what someone else wants.

Written by Seamus Coughlin, Jennifer Maffessanti, and Sean W. Malone
Animated by Seamus Coughlin
Edited by Sean W. Malone

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