EXT. ICY TUNDRA OF ANTARCTICA - DAY We see a frozen wasteland with a tiny hut sitting in the distance. It's the middle of the winter in Antarctica. As we move closer, we see whisps of smoke coming from a small chimney pipe sticking out of the hut. Visual gags in the background include a frozen caveman, a foreclosed igloo and an 1800’s era clipper ship stuck in the ice. BOB (off screen) Finally! I’m away from Seamus and his constant nagging about economics! INT. BOB'S ICE FISHING HUT - CONTINUOUS BOB is inside of the hut finishing through a hole in the ice, relaxed for the first time in ages. A little PENGUIN is sitting next to him. BOB (to the Penguin) I can say whatever I want and NO ONE will correct me! Bob looks at the Penguin, proud of himself. BOB Right, buddy? Hahahah! The Penguin looks back at Bob. Does he understand? Bob tests his newfound powers. BOB (self-satisfied) Economic value is determined by the state! Central planning is fantastic! Money is an EVIL invention made to enslave us! Bob is pleased that no one has corrected him. BOB (to the Penguin) Hah! Going ice fishing in Antarctica without telling a single soul where I am is the smartest thing I’ve ever done. The ice underneath Bob cracks. Penguin and Bob look at each other with a moment of realization, just as they fall in and are instantly frozen in a massive block of ice that pops back up above the surface of the water. BLACK Text appears on screen: “Hundreds of years later…” EXT. FUTURISTIC CITY - DAY (THE FUTURE!) We see a beautiful and expansive cityscape filled with shiny buildings, green spaces, and flying cars. Text fades in over the scene reading: “The Future.” EXT. MUSEUM OF ANCIENT HISTORY - CONTINUOUS On a bustling city street, we focus on the attractive facade of a large building. The sign above the entrance reads, "Museum of Ancient History". INT. MUSEUM OF ANCIENT HISTORY - CONTINUOUS Inside the museum, Bob and Penguin are still frozen in a huge block of ice and are being lowered into a museum exhibit on primitive man along with a number of other anachronistic elements (ie. dinosaurs, lawn mowers, a Barbie Power Wheel Jeep, etc.). Bob is labeled as “Devils Advocatus”. Charlie and her Boss are overseeing this. CHARLIE Wow! It looks like this primitive specimen was from a time before our advanced computer graphics took over. BOSS Yes! He was drawn on something known as… Pay… per… A bell rings. BOSS Well, that’s quittin’ time! Charlie, lets get the heck out of here. CHARLIE You got it! On their way out of the room, Charlie hits the light switch and accidentally bumps the thermostat. After the lights go down in the museum, we see a fast forward time lapse of the big block of ice melting, and as the sun rises the next morning, Charlie returns. She sees that Bob has been mostly thawed, except for his feet. CHARLIE OH MY GOSH! The cave man has thawed! Bob makes monkey noises. CHARLIE And it’s alive! BOB Where am I? Who are you?! CHARLIE: My name is Charlie. And this is a museum... BOB (still confused) Huh? CHARLIE I don't think I’m qualified to deal with soggy cave men. We need to get you and your penguin friend to a hospital! EXT. CITY STREET - MORNING Charlie walks down the street next to Bob and the Penguin on the way to the Hospital. Bob and Penguin are riding on top of a mislabeled Barbie Power Wheels Car from the exhibit, pushed by a small floating robot. Bob is crammed into the seat awkwardly and has to hold the Penguin. They are both still partially encased in ice. Bob looks a little annoyed and embarrassed. CHARLIE ...I don't get why you're so upset about this, Bob. Royalty used to ride around in these! Don't you realize how lucky you are? BOB It's a BARBIE CAR!! Penguin taps on Bob's shoulder, and points up at the incredible technology and futuristic sights that Bob is ignoring while complaining as per usual. He sees flying cars, people zipping by on jetpacks, (a Futurama-style commuter tube with people getting from one place to other?), holograms, robots, and yet also tons of trees and greenery. BOB Wowwww... This is what the future looks like?! Bob exchanges approving glances with Penguin. CHARLIE Yeah! It's pretty awesome. It took a few centuries after your time, but we've found tons of new and more efficient technologies to improve our lives all around! BOB Ohh no… you’re starting to sound just like the guy I was trying to get away from! Charlie, Bob and Penguin continue their trek to the Hospital, but the buildings start to clear out a little. They're entering a park. EXT. CITY PARK - CON'T CHARLIE So no matter what you said, this guy would give you an economics lecture? BOB It never ended with him! CHARLIE Kinda seems like he was trying to help. What’s wrong with that? The group stops at the foot of a large statue, most of which is out of frame. BOB It’s sooooo annoying! CHARLIE What was your friend’s name? WIDE We reveal that they're standing next to a huuuuuge statue of Seamus, now a hero from history for his economics lessons. BOB SEAMUS?!?!?! Bob looks at the statue and faints, falling off the Barbie car, squashing the Penguin. PENGUIN *Squack!* BLACK NEWS REEL: TEASER A classic 1940s News Reel shows grainy, black and white footage of the next episode. NARRATOR What will happen to Bob? What's in store for the future of humanity? Will there be Tacos? Subscribe to this channel, hit the Bell Icon and find out on the next exciting episode of Common Sense Soapbox: Bob to the Future! END BUMPER

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Short videos with a punchy, comedic tone and entertaining Socratic characters taking on trending issues and important concepts from a classical liberal perspective, written & animated by Seamus Coughlin.

Bob to the Future, Part I: "Encino Bob"

October 8, 2019

In this very special episode of Common Sense Soapbox, Bob finds himself hundreds of years in the future in the introduction of a 10-part series. Stay tuned for more on "Bob to the Future"!

Written by Seamus Coughlin, Jennifer Maffessanti, and Sean W. Malone
Animated by Seamus Coughlin
Edited by Sean W. Malone

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