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Insightful weekly commentary on news & current events from economist Antony Davies and political scientist James R. Harrigan.

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July 31, 2019

As we reach pivotal milestones, such as the legal driving age, we’re met with serious questions: Who decided I’m not old enough to vote? Why can I drive but not enter a bar? When do I have to buy health insurance? Am I ready for all this? Join James Harrigan and Antony Davies as they weigh the pros and cons of transitioning from a minor to an adult live from St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas, on this week’s episode of Words & Numbers. 

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Quick hits

Brim’s Snack Foods

Facts about small businesses

$20 an hour minimum wage

Foolishness of the week

Montgomery county, Maryland wants to require landlords to provide air conditioning

Topic of the week: When does a person become an adult?

Ages of majority across the states

Bill calls for raising the smoking age to 21

Legal drinking ages across countries

Legal marriage ages across states