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Predictions and Reality of Net Neutrality

December 18, 2019

A year ago, FCC repealed net neutrality—the law that required internet service providers to treat all data passing through their servers the same. Proponents of net neutrality said that the repeal would yield higher prices and worse service. In this week's episode, James and Ant ask what actually happened.

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Quick hits

Billion dollar property tax error

Jeff Bezos's Blue Origin

Richard Branson's first space passenger

Amazon's satellite constellation

Foolishness of the week

UK to require that food labeling tell consumers how much exercise they must do to burn off calories

Topic of the week

US download speeds (PennsylvaniaOhio, GeorgiaCaliforniaNew York)

Price of residential internet service

Warnings people gave about repealing net neutrality

Net Neutrality Repeal: What Is It and Why Will It Make the Internet Much Worse?

Net Neutrality Is Gone. Did You Even Notice?

One Year Later: The Internet Thrives Without ‘Net Neutrality’

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