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Is It Ok to Pay People for Their Blood Plasma?

April 17, 2019

Getting paid for your blood—do you have any concerns? Many people are opposed to donors receiving compensation for ethical reasons. Should people only donate blood for altruistic reasons? Should we worry about exploitation? How much of America’s total exports are blood products? Join Antony Davies, James Harrigan, and their guest Peter Jaworski, co-author of the book Markets Without Limits, as they discuss the morality underlying the supply and demand of blood plasma around the world.

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Show Notes:

Deficit up 15% in 2019

Deficit up 17% in 2018

Tourism and Chernobyl

Foolishness of the week:

Illinois to raise smoking age to 21

Florida town makes it illegal to grow vegetables

State of Florida overrules Florida town

Topic of the week: Blood plasma sales:

Peter Jaworski

Letter to Senate of Canada regarding the ban on blood plasma sales

Canada needs blood plasma

We should pay for blood plasma donations

Bans on blood plasma sales 1

Bans on blood plasma sales 2

Don’t end NAFTA, Canada needs your bodily fluids

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