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Insightful weekly commentary on news & current events from economist Antony Davies and political scientist James R. Harrigan.

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February 19, 2020

We’ve all experienced incivility on the Internet. But today’s incivility is more than people being rude to each other online. Political leaders have become less civil toward each other, and political parties have become more extremist. Middle America, meanwhile, is becoming less represented as people on the two political extremes listen less to and scream more at each other.

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Quick hits

Dinosaur Statue 

Car Dealers Encourage Loan Defaults

Foolishness of the week

Florida Man Refuses Dialysis

Topic of the week

The Hounding of Jordan Peterson

U.S. Media Polarization 

Democrats Have Become More Liberal

Why Has America Become so Divided 

What Are the Solutions to Political Polarization

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