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How Does Direct Access Primary Care Work?

November 13, 2019

The US health care system is rife with many variables affecting the prices of and access to medical care. iHealth is a health care provider that does not take health insurance and is transparent about its prices. Is there a regulatory framework that allows for such a business to be successful? Would this model work for the rest of the country? What barriers are in place that prevent other physicians from doing business like iHealth? Join James Harrigan, Antony Davies, and their special guest Dr. Timothy Wong, the founder of iHealth, as they parse out the complexities behind the economics and politics of the health care industry.

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Quick hits

Texas voters ban the state income tax

State-Local Tax Burden Rankings FY 2012

9 States With No Income Tax

Texas Voters Ban Income Tax Again

The trade gap

Foolishness of the week

Michael Bloomberg running for President

Jeff Sessions running for the Senate

Topic of the week: A new model for delivering primary health care

iHealth Clinic

Direct Access Primary Care

A flat-fee approach to paying for health care

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