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Insightful weekly commentary on news & current events from economist Antony Davies and political scientist James R. Harrigan.

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March 27, 2019

538 Electors. 270 votes. Winner-takes-all! Well, at least for now. Colorado recently became the twelfth state to join an effort to award the presidency to the candidate who wins the most individual votes. But should the popular vote replace the Electoral College? Originally intended as a safeguard for the separation of powers, has this election method failed Americans? Population vs. Geography. Urban vs. Rural. Democrats vs. Republicans; it’s a conversation that usually gets people all lathered up on both sides of the issue. Join James Harrigan and Antony Davies as they inform us about the reasoning behind the Electoral College and how it works.

Show Notes:

Adidas making sneakers out of waste plastic

China stops taking the world’s trash

No place for US recyclables

Nuclear energy better than renewables

Foolishness of the week

Police shoot teachers

Milgram experiment

Topic of the week

Electoral College

Contract Clause

Federalist 68

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