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“Diversity” Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Means

January 23, 2019

The word “diversity” has become a sticky one. In the last fifteen years, a genuine “diversity industry” has sprung up, particularly at colleges and universities in the United States. Higher education institutions across the country have entire departments with dozens of full-time, highly-paid staff members dedicated to the concept. But to what effect? And exactly what kinds of “diversity” are we talking about? Special guest (and regular FEE contributing author) Mark J. Perry joins Antony Davies and James Harrigan to drill down into this and more on this week’s episode of Words and Numbers.

Quick hits

Oregon first state to require home visits of all families with newborns

Oregon looks to impose statewide rent control

Article II, Section 3

Nancy Pelosi

Foolishness of the week

Ginia Bellefante

$33 minimum wage

City Harvest self-sufficiency calculator

Topic of the week: Diversity Officers and Administrative Bloat in Higher Education

Mark Perry

The impact of diversity officers on diversity

University of Michigan spends $11 million on diversity

Fraction of 18-24 year olds enrolled in college (by race and gender)

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