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Buying Kidneys with an Ethics Professor

January 2, 2019

Happy 2019, everyone!

On our first episode of Words & Numbers in the new year, professor James Stacey Taylor joins Antony and James this week to discuss the ethical implications of creating markets for human organs.

According to Prof. Taylor, nearly 18 people a day die from a shortage of kidney donors. Economists have argued for decades that these kinds of markets could save lives by creating better incentives for people to donate their organs to people in dire need, but critics say that it would encourage poorer people to put their health at risk for money.

Who's right?

Quick Hits:
University of Missouri says tall men asking short women on dates is policy violation
University of Missouri and Title IX (court transcript)
No one wants to buy Sears

Foolishness of the Week:
Union dues eat worker’s entire paycheck

Topic of the week: Organ Markets
James Stacey Taylor
People in need of kidney donors

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