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A Time to Give Thanks

November 27, 2019

Sometimes, the things we take for granted are the things we should be most thankful for. Football games on your television, climate control in your automobiles, and fully-stocked neighborhood grocery stores are among the many things we may not think about until they aren’t there. What do the data indicate about our modern standard of living? Who is responsible for the advancements in medicine and technology that have improved so many lives? Which historical scourges are functionally nonexistent today? Join Antony Davies and James Harrigan in giving thanks to the many improvements in life on this week’s episode of Words & Numbers.

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Quick hits

Government grocery store

Conservatism stresses students

Foolishness of the week

Abolish the electoral college

Topic of the week: Thanksgiving

A Series of Miracles

State Car Registration by Year

Office of Highway Policy Information

Household's Owners Equity 

Mortality in the US

Mortality & Causes of Death

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