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Voting with Your Feet

August 10, 2018

California cities have been banning things left and right. Regulations and high taxes have made living in the state an expensive and burdensome proposition. Harried residents have been fleeing to less-oppressive states. By doing so, Americans are “voting with their feet” against oppressive policies and for less-oppressive policies. This “power of exit” is an important curb on government power: not only on the state level but on the national level as well. In this episode, the FEEcasters explore the concept of “jurisdictional competition.”

Show Notes:

San Francisco's Protectionist Attempt to Ban Company Cafeterias

Why California Cities Are Becoming Unlivable

Americans Are “Voting with their Feet” against High-Tax States Like California

Americans Are Voting with Their Feet for Economic Freedom

Europe Rose Because of Jurisdictional Competition

Jurisdictional Competition Made Europe Rich


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