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Economics is everywhere...if only you choose to see it. Join the FEEcast team every Friday for a lively recap of the week's important stories to give you the meaning behind the headlines.

Featuring Richard Lorenc, Brittany Hunter, Dan Sanchez and Marianne March

Produced by Sean W. Malone, Pavel Rusakov, and Jaye Davidson

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August 24, 2018

Podcasters like Tim Ferris and Joe Rogan draw millions of listeners who are more interested in self-improvement than identity politics. Are these “podcast bros” (as the New York Times has dubbed them) placing too much emphasis on individualism and not enough on collective injustices? Or are they offering an empowering alternative to debilitating narratives of victimhood? The FEEcasters are joined by guest-host Sean Malone to discuss!

Show Notes:

“The 'Podcast Bros' Are Doing More to Inspire Individuals Than Politics Ever Could” by Brittany Hunter

“Young Minds Are Undermined by Today's Fashionable Philosophies” by Sean Malone

“Clean Your Room, Change the World” by Dan Sanchez

“How Believing in Socialism Can Make You Miserable” by Brittany Hunter and Dan Sanchez