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How to Land a Job without a College Degree

June 15, 2018

FEEcast is thrilled to have TK Coleman as our guest in this special episode recorded at FEEcon 2018. TK is the co-founder and Education Director of Praxis, a company that offers young people an alternative program to college that includes a professional development boot camp and a paid apprenticeship at a startup. TK breaks down many of the ways young people can go beyond credentials and resumes to signal value to potential employers. He also counsels young people to not look to politics and politicians as primary agents of change, but to look to themselves as the predominant creative forces in their own lives.

Show Notes:

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Best Alternative to College: Launch Your Career Now | Dan Sanchez

No, We Are Not Screwed | TK Coleman

Who I’m Voting For | TK Coleman

No, We Are Not Mere Pawns | TK Coleman


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