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Twenty-Two Years in Communist Prisons

March 21, 2019

There are few occasions in life where you get the opportunity to meet a real hero. For us here at FEE, this week was one of those rare occasions. We had the utmost pleasure of interviewing Dr. Doan Viet Hoat at FEE headquarters in Atlanta, GA.

Dr. Doan Viet Hoat spent 20 years in communist prisons in Vietnam for the unforgivable crime of loving liberty and being connected to American Universities. His wife Thuc also spent two years in prison for nothing more than trying to bring attention to her husband’s case. Dr. Hoat explained his story, gave advice, articulated lessons learned, and answered a few questions from FEE staff regarding his remarkable triumph through prison and his burning passion for liberty.

Listen to this exceptional story of character, persistence, and belief in freedom on this episode of FEE Audio XP.

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