Government Gets Nutrition Wrong Over and Over Again

Today’s scientific hypotheses may be wrong. Better, then, not to make them law.

- October 08, 2015

The Biggest Myth about Student Loans

Yes, debtors can discharge their loans in bankruptcy, and the taxpayers pay for it. 

- October 06, 2015

Why Are College Textbooks Such a Racket? And What Can We Do about It?

While other book prices have fallen, textbook prices have risen 1,000% since 1977 — but why?

- September 30, 2015

Drinkers Don't Drain Taxpayers

"Public health" busybodies claim that drinkers are a drag on the state, so government has a right to interfere with their choices — but it's simply not true. 

- September 21, 2015

What Are Students Learning? Not What Colleges Teach.

The evidence overwhelmingly shows that students don't learn much in college. 

- September 11, 2015

How Taxpayers Fund Alternative Medicine Quackery

Politics — not science — pushed alternative medicine out of the fringes and into the heart of the medical system. 

- September 10, 2015

The Dangers of Entrepreneurship

Political entrepreneurs find new ways to access resources first taken from others by force, and therefore do not create wealth.


- August 26, 2015

The Oldest Fallacy in Economics

Cheap, competitive foreign goods make Americans wealthier, regardless of whether governments "cheat."

- August 25, 2015

Marco Rubio's Brave Defense of Corporate Welfare, Farm Subsidies, and Protectionism

Sugar subsidies destroy jobs and waste resources — and bankroll the politicians who support them.

- August 13, 2015

Government Loans Make College More Expensive, Worsen Income Inequality

Federal student aid makes education more costly and makes the distribution of income more unequal. 

- August 04, 2015

The "Forever Stamp" Means What It Says

Stamps once had prices on them. Now, they reassure you, they'll be there forever. 

- August 02, 2015

"Green Banks" Are Destined to Drown in the Red

The history of government "investments" shows that politicians don't have a clue where to put the public's money.

- July 22, 2015

Bernie Sanders Thinks the Middle Class Is Deteriorating. He’s Wrong.

The socialist senator says the middle class is a wreck that needs his help to survive. Don't believe it. 

- July 11, 2015

Religious Charities, Gay Marriage, and Adoption: A Case for Pluralism

Shutting down religious adoption agencies won't help kids. 

- July 06, 2015

The Ex-Im Bank Is Dead. (But Watch Out for Subsidy-Zombie.)

The second rule of Zombieland is always double tap. The same goes for seemingly unkillable government programs.

- July 01, 2015

Generous with Someone Else’s Money

Until people understand that Uncle Sam shouldn’t be a year-round Santa Claus, public officials will continue to act like Delia Curry and Arne Duncan.

- June 29, 2015

Neoliberalism: Making a Boogeyman Out of a Buzzword

Progressives are trying to pin corporatism on free-marketeers, but it's the mixed economy that ends up in the hands of the powerful.

- June 26, 2015

“SCOTUScare”: Supreme Court Guts Obamacare to Uphold Subsidies

The Obama administration won, but the Affordable Care Act (and the rule of law) lost. 

- June 25, 2015

Ten Years After Kelo v. New London

The ruling gutted property rights and undermined the Constitution.

- June 23, 2015

Supreme Court: Government Has to Pay if It Takes Your Stuff

The government can’t seize farmer’s crops without paying just compensation.

- June 22, 2015

What Will Obama Do if He Loses at the Supreme Court?

The president is in direct violation of his own health care law — what will he do if he loses? 

- June 12, 2015

Nevada Passes Universal School Choice

Has Nevada opened the Pandora’s Box of educational choice?

- June 12, 2015

Scott Walker Defends the NBA Billionaire Welfare Train

The governor wants to give $250 million from taxpayers to billionaire NBA team owners for a new arena. It's not a good deal.

- June 09, 2015

Trans Pacific Partnership Is about Control, Not Free Trade

The trade agreement is a trojan horse for exporting US special interests' agenda abroad. 

- June 04, 2015

Kelo: How Politicians Stole Her Home and Gave It to Pfizer (Who Destroyed It for Nothing)

The strange, sad story of how a momentous legal case arose from unlikely origins and shocked the nation.

- June 02, 2015

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