Social Security

Privatize Social Security (Even if the Market Crashes)

Even if retirees cashed out this Monday, or even in the Great Recession, they'd still get more than Social Security.

- August 28, 2015

Bernie Sanders Thinks the Middle Class Is Deteriorating. He’s Wrong.

The socialist senator says the middle class is a wreck that needs his help to survive. Don't believe it. 

- July 11, 2015

The Welfare State Needs Abolition, Not "Reform"

Efficient income redistribution doesn’t make the process morally right, only less wasteful on its way to being wrong.

- May 05, 2015

Krugman: Social Security Is "Where Government Excels"

If Social Security is a government success, what does failure look like?

- April 16, 2015

A Quick Fix Courtesy of Karl Marx

Privatizing Social Security is a good idea long term. But even in the short term, it could get the United States out of the liquidity trap while giving each and every American an ownership stake in the means of production. 

- November 04, 2013

Ponzi Unmasked

Social Security was unmasked as a transfer scheme long ago. Anyone who thinks it's something else just isn’t paying attention.

- September 02, 2011

Presidents and Precedents

America’s 44th president has embarked on a massive expansion of the federal establishment that, if accomplished, will dwarf all previous welfare states in its spending and debt. Americans will largely depend on politicians and their underlings for a significant portion of their heavily mortgaged livelihoods. It’s a path to national suicide that would horrify most of this President’s predecessors.

- February 24, 2010

Downsizing the Federal Government

By Chris Edwards Reviewed by J. H. Huebert

- May 01, 2007

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