"Who Put Us in Charge?" Quote of the Day from New Nobel Winner

"Why is it we who must do something? Who put us in charge? We often have such a poor understanding of what they need or want, our clumsy attempts to help on our terms do more harm than good."

- October 13, 2015

What Do Immigrants Do to the American Labor Market?

New studies attempt to refute two of the most famous studies on immigration's impact on native workers.

- October 13, 2015

Angus Deaton Wins Nobel Prize in Economics

When you read that world poverty has fallen below 10% for the first time ever — and you want to know how we know — the answer is Deaton’s work.

- October 13, 2015

How to Get a Spare Kidney

An organ market effectively lets you put your extra kidney on ice until you need it. 

- October 09, 2015

The End of Extreme Poverty

The Great Fact of human history is the meteoric increase in quality of life and the steady retreat of poverty in the last two hundred years. 

- October 06, 2015

Fossil Fuels Are the Lifeblood of Civilization

Burning fossil fuels is not a "necessary evil"; it is a positive moral good for human life.

- October 01, 2015

Humane Transitions to Freedom

The alternative to shock therapy isn’t ideological compromise.

- October 01, 2015

5 Ways the Private Sector Can Help the Syrian Refugees

Step 1: Get the government out of the way. 

- September 14, 2015

Social Enterprises Are Fixing What Government Destroys

Social enterprises’ goals hint at their important role in the economy: to help repair the damage caused by public policy.

- September 08, 2015

How Not to Help Sweatshop Workers

You hear that H&M buys shirts from a factory in Bangladesh that works its employees long hours under harsh conditions and low pay. What’s the moral thing to do?

- September 02, 2015

World’s Poor: “We Want Capitalism”

There are several ways to ensure access to capital in the developing world, but the most important approach is to unlock the productive potential of the capital already available there.

- August 31, 2015

The Oldest Fallacy in Economics

Cheap, competitive foreign goods make Americans wealthier, regardless of whether governments "cheat."

More Americans Think of Themselves as "Have-Nots." What Are They Missing?

Almost 40 percent of Americans think of themselves as "have-nots," more than any time in recent history. But what if they have more than they think?

Why Wouldn't You Save a Drowning Child?

How do we make sure aid efforts do the most good and the least harm?

- August 24, 2015

Environmental Doom-mongering and the Myth of Vanishing Resources

Humanity has never exhausted a single natural resource. 

- August 21, 2015

How Minimum Wages Discourage Entrepreneurship

Raising the minimum wage destroys incentives for entrepreneurs to find ways to profitably employ low-skill workers.

- August 21, 2015

5 Charts that Show Trump's Immigration Paper Is Nonsense

Almost every single thing Trump claims about foreigners and the economy is false or misleading.

- August 19, 2015

The War on Air Conditioning Heats Up

Air conditioning is, for most of us, a small summertime luxury. For others, it is a life-saving necessity

- August 07, 2015

Low-Cost Private Schools Are Leaping Ahead in the Developing World

Private schools for the poor are growing rapidly throughout the developing world.

- August 05, 2015

Does "Fair Trade" Help Poor Workers?

Is Fair Trade about doing good or just feeling good? 

- August 04, 2015

Yes, I Can: Home Economics from My Family to Yours

It’s a sign of how wealthy we are as a society that we can think of canning as consumption rather than production.

- August 03, 2015

The Man Who Sowed the Seeds of Puerto Rico’s Collapse

Crisis leads to more government, which leads to more crisis. What was always bankrupt morally finally goes bankrupt economically.

- July 31, 2015

Does America Ban Immigration?

For people without a college degree or a close American relative, the Statue of Liberty’s “Golden Door” is almost completely shut.

- July 31, 2015

Bernie Sanders' Anti-Immigration Crankery

"Open borders? No, that’s a Koch brothers proposal." Well, okay then.

- July 28, 2015

New York Orders Fast-Food Workers Replaced With Robots, Kiosks, Mobile Apps

"Fight for $15" scores a victory for robots and unions against immigrants and young people. 

- July 23, 2015

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