Why We Should Let People Sell their Blood

Ontario has made blood donation a holy sacrament, but that's a grave mistake.

- October 09, 2015

“The Winner Always Has a Program”

“I don’t want to go where I’m not wanted,” said tennis champion Althea Gibson. But her persistence and her excellence opened doors and opened minds.

- October 09, 2015

Perfect, Sinless People Would Still Choose Capitalism

Capitalism would still be superior to socialism, even if everyone was morally perfect. 

- October 05, 2015

The Speech Pope Francis Should Have Given

What would Jesus think of the Vatican's attacks on capitalism? 

- September 24, 2015

The Pope Is Morally and Factually Wrong about Capitalism

Pope Francis suggests that capitalism worsens poverty, encourages vice, and creates suffering, but he's wrong on every count.

- September 23, 2015

We Accept Refugees to Save Their Lives, Not to Fix Their Countries

Letting in Syrian refugees won't stop the civil war, but it will save people who will otherwise die in it.

- September 21, 2015

The Pope's Laughable – and Dangerous – View of Nature

Pope Francis says that humanity's sin is "exploiting" rather than accepting what Earth "gives" us, but this is a naive and fanciful theory. 

- September 21, 2015

Drinkers Don't Drain Taxpayers

"Public health" busybodies claim that drinkers are a drag on the state, so government has a right to interfere with their choices — but it's simply not true. 

- September 21, 2015

What War and Terror Do to Principles

Abdo Roumani describes his time in a region being torn apart by war. His principles start to fade with the distant memories of peace and pluralism in Damascus, the city he loves.

- September 21, 2015

Don't Wait until It's Too Late to Let People Flee Dangerous Countries

In the 1930s, the US government was not just doing nothing in the face of Nazi oppression; it was using force to actively impede victims’ efforts to save themselves.


- September 18, 2015

A Life Devoted to the Freedom of Others

Courageous, visionary, and disciplined, Thomas Clarkson gave a long life almost entirely to the service of people he never met in lands he never saw.

- September 18, 2015

Are Markets Immoral? On Popes, Pencils, and Chicken Sandwiches

Pope Francis criticizes markets for promoting vice, but free exchange is an engine of peace and cooperation.

- September 18, 2015

Buying Babies: Adoption Markets Can Be Fair, Ethical, and Beneficial

The standard objections to markets in adoption are confused, inaccurate, or irrelevant. 

- September 15, 2015

5 Ways the Private Sector Can Help the Syrian Refugees

Step 1: Get the government out of the way. 

- September 14, 2015

He Played Each Game as If It Were His Last

Black and Puerto Rican by birth, Clemente transcended race, nationality, and culture to become American Major League Baseball’s first Latino superstar. But tragedy compounded tragedy as the hero sought to help in a time of disaster.

- September 11, 2015

If You Haven’t Engaged with the Work, Your Opinion Is Worthless

When did it become an acceptable critical stance to condemn a work of art without ever having engaged with it

- September 10, 2015

5 Key Differences between Clerks and Bakers

A free society must distinguish between harms and offenses: Kim Davis has harmed gay couples; the Kleins merely offend them. 


- September 08, 2015

Justice Scalia Explained Why Kim Davis Should Issue Marriage Licenses or Find a New Job

Government employees don't have a right to not do their jobs. 

- September 03, 2015

Is Donald the Most Hawkish Candidate? Sadly, No.

Trump says he is the "most militaristic" candidate; the embarrassing thing is that this is a lie.  

- September 03, 2015

How Many Children Are You Required to Save?

Peter Singer's famous argument is based on a flawed analogy. 

- August 28, 2015

Scientists Could End Animal Cruelty — Unless the FDA and Anti-GMO Activists Stop Them

Genetic engineering could eliminate the need for a lot of cruel farming practices — unless the government stops it.

- August 22, 2015

“Hitler Didn’t Snub Me — It Was Our President”

FDR couldn’t bring himself to send a telegram to the man who won four Olympic gold medals.

- August 21, 2015

Democracy Can't Really Be Democratic

Voting does not entail genuine consent to the policies enacted by the winners; thus, unlimited democracy can't be ethically justified.

- August 17, 2015

Woman versus the State

When Kellems saw waste, bungling, and stupidity in government, she didn’t hesitate to speak out and make headlines. 

- August 12, 2015

The War on Air Conditioning Heats Up

Air conditioning is, for most of us, a small summertime luxury. For others, it is a life-saving necessity

- August 07, 2015

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