Federal Reserve

A Prescient Critic of the Fed

From the beginning, the Federal Reserve was designed to create inflation, not stability.

- October 09, 2015

How Do We Get Rid of the Fed?

Giant banks, a debt-ridden government, and myriad special interests all benefit from the status quo. 


- September 21, 2015

Market Corrections Inspire Dangerous Political Panic

Stock market corrections are dangerous mostly because of politics, not economics.

- August 23, 2015

The Fed Joins the War on Drugs

The Federal Reserve is cutting a credit union out of the banking system because it does business with legal marijuana businesses in Colorado. 

- August 04, 2015

Driverless Money

Driverless money would be far more beneficial to mankind than driverless cars ever will.

- June 25, 2015

Don’t Listen to the Public (Even When They’re Right)

Voters don’t have the foggiest idea what they’re talking about, and they are almost never right except by accident.

- May 26, 2015

The Other Half of the Inflation Story

Credit expansion is like someone making too many of some puzzle pieces and too few of others, and then trying to force them all together.

- April 30, 2015

Misfit Bitcoin, Flag Money, and Currency Wars

A misfit like bitcoin shatters the whole context and allows us to see a nationalist currency for the caricature it is.

- April 28, 2015

Denationalization of Money

What we now need is a free-money movement comparable to the free trade movement of the nineteenth century.

- January 07, 2015

Let There Be Money

Until we’re clear on the market’s role in establishing the commonly accepted medium of exchange, we will continue to muddy the waters with talk of fiat versus free-market money.

- January 07, 2015

Epic Fail: 100 Years of the Fed

For a hundred years, central bankers have tried to bring scientific management to money. And in that time, we’ve seen a string of failures. Can cryptocurrency replace this monstrous system?

- December 17, 2014

Our Inflated Thanksgiving

It isn’t the cost of our food that's been rising; it's the amount of US currency in circulation. (See interactive graph.)

- November 26, 2014

Postscript on Years Ending in 13

In my January 2 essay “Beware of Years That End in 13” I explained why 1913 was an awful year and expressed the view that 2013 could hardly be worse. That was before I realized that the Congress that just commenced in Washington is the 113th. Creepy? Inauspicious? I report, you decide.

- January 04, 2013

Wrapping an Enigma in a Mystery: Why Inflation Is So Misunderstood

Inflation wouldn’t be so hard to understand if it wasn’t wrapped up in so much untruth, wishful thinking, and misdirection, Richard Fulmer says.

- October 31, 2012

Capital Letters

- August 29, 2012

The Parable of the Broken Traffic Lights

The irrationality, dear friend, is not in our markets but in our government, that is, the central bank.

- March 15, 2012

We Had To

The language of “had to” may be nothing more than rhetorical cover for a self-interested power grab.

- March 01, 2012

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