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Thursday, August 22, 2019

Op-Eds by FEE President Zilvinas Silenas Address Democratic Socialists of America

Silenas used the convention as an opportunity to address the rise of socialism and remind us of its horrors.

The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) held their national convention in Atlanta in August.

FEE President Zilvinas Silenas, a newly minted Atlantan, used the convention as an opportunity to address the rise of Democratic Socialism in America, writing two op-eds that appeared in US publications.

The first of Silenas’s two articles was an open letter addressed to the Democratic Socialists, which ran in the opinion section of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Atlanta’s most popular newspaper which has a daily circulation of 230,000.

In his article, Silenas, a native of Lithuania who grew up in the Soviet Union, urged convention attendees to drop the label of “socialism,” citing its documented history of oppression and mass murder.

In a second article that appeared in the opinion section of the Daily Caller, Silenas noted that convention attendees appeared more focused on “chatter” and micro-aggressive language than the millions killed under socialist regimes.

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