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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Happy Birthday, Leonard Read!

Leonard Read (1898–1983), the founder and first president of FEE, would be 114 today. Join us in celebrating the excellent work he did to preserve and expand liberty for all. Below are a list of things to read, watch, and share with friends to honor this man who influenced generations of true liberals.

I, Pencil – Read shows that none of us knows enough to plan the creative actions and decisions of others.

Leonard E. Read: A Portrait, written by Read’s friend and co-worker at FEE, Ed Opitz.

Leonard E. Read, Crusader, written by longtime co-worker and friend of Read, Bettina Bien Greaves.

Anything That’s Peaceful, Read’s classic that explains the miracle of the free market and the wonders of peaceful cooperation of individuals in a free society. This work captures the philosophy of freedom that FEE strives to advance.

On That Day Began Lies, Read’s timely classic on personal responsibility.

Neither Left Nor Right, Read’s essay on libertarianism vs. authoritarianism.

The Leonard E. Read Archive at The Freeman Online.

Leonard E. Read, circa 1978, discussing How to Advance Liberty. This video includes his signature candle speech: