FEE's Story of Elijah McCoy Featured on Mike Rowe's Podcast

Mike Rowe is taking FEE President Larry Reed's stories about real heroes to his own huge audience.

FEE’s audience is growing every day as we strive to spread the freedom message to ever more people. Today is our second time sending our message to a massive new audience: the millions of fans of TV host Mike Rowe. Mike is promoting FEE on his enormously popular podcast, "The Way I Heard It." Today, Mike talked about FEE's original biography of Elijah McCoy, taken from FEE president Lawrence W. Reed's book Real Heroes.

Listeners were offered a free Kindle version of Real Heroes. Since the podcast was released this morning, over 200 copies have been downloaded, bringing the stories of 40 flesh-and-blood models of character in action to a huge, new group of people.

You can listen to the Elijah McCoy episode here.

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