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FEE now paying vendors in Bitcoin

FEE is pleased to announce that it has set up its operations to make payment to vendors in Bitcoin. FEE now encourages its authors and other service providers to transact with FEE in Bitcoin, and offers free guidance for the uninitiated on how to get set up for these transactions. 

FEE has been accepting Bitcoin donations since May 2013 and the ranks of FEE donors choosing this payment method have swelled over time, including the generous and historic donation of 1,000 Bitcoin by Roger Ver earlier this month.

According to Carl Oberg, Chief Operating Officer, "Bitcoin and other alternative currencies are important ways for individuals to live freer lives and to 'leave Leviathan,' as a popular article from The Freeman puts it.  While FEE does not give investment advice, now with the option to pay vendors in Bitcoin, we can introduce even more people to this innovative and exciting market."

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