FEE Featured on the Mike Rowe Podcast

How awesome it is to distribute Economics In One Lesson to the world?

FEE’s audience is growing every day as we strive to spread the freedom message to ever more people. Today we began reaching out to a huge new audience: the millions of fans of TV host Mike Rowe. Starting today, Mike is promoting FEE on his enormously popular podcast, "The Way I Heard It."

Listeners were provided a special web address where they could request a free copy of Henry Hazlitt’s classic book Economics in One Lesson. In a mere matter of hours, we have distributed over 500 copies of the life-changing book to inquiring minds, most of whom are relatively new to the freedom philosophy, but who are primed for it thanks to Mike’s emphasis on hard work, entrepreneurship, and self-directed learning. This success affirms our belief that the ideas of liberty are not just for a select, insular few, but have a broad, mainstream appeal.

You can listen to Episode 40 here.

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