FEE Announces Four New Alumni Board Members

FEE is proud to announce the four new members joining the 2014-2015 FEE Alumni Board (FAB). The new members represent a variety of organizations working to advance freedom. They are Romina Boccia of the Heritage Foundation, Anna Ridge of the Charles Koch Institute, Clark Ruper of Students for Liberty, and Gonzalo Schwarz of the Atlas Network.

Read about each new member and the impact FEE has had on where they are today.

FAB engages alumni leaders by enlisting their ideas and advice for the development of excellent programming for FEE alumni, and enlisting them both as FEE’s frontline alumni representatives and as mentors for newer alumni.

“We are excited to expand this fantastic group of FEE alumni leaders who are each working to advance liberty through education, research, and entrepreneurship,” said Richard Lorenc, FEE’s Director of Programs & Alumni Relations. “The new FEE Alumni Board represents the huge talent among FEE alumni, as well as a cross-section of our Program Partners and Student Destination Partners.”

"FEE was my first introduction to classical liberal thought and Austrian economics," said FAB member Romina Boccia. "As such, FEE has had a tremendous impact on my professional and personal life, shaping my thinking on the role of government and individual liberty in society like no other organization has. I am deeply grateful to FEE and its supporters for all the ways FEE has impacted my life and work."

The 2014-2015 FAB held the first bi-annual meeting of the term following FEE’s “Communicating Liberty” summit at the Emory Conference Center and Hotel in Atlanta, GA. The board will reconvene next year in Bonita Springs, Florida, at FEE’s annual donor summit.

Registration is now open for FEE’s Annual Retreat from January 30-February 1, 2015, featuring Overstock.com CEO Patrick Byrne and Universidad Francisco Marroquín president Gabriel Calzada.

Visit our YouTube channel to watch “FEE Success Stories,” a new video series highlighting some of our most effective and well-placed alumni, including many FAB members.

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