Evening at FEE: Mad About Trade

In his Evening at FEE lecture Daniel Griswold explains how free trade and globalization have blessed “Main Street Americans” as workers and consumers. He challenges the economic populists on their own turf by exposing the myths we hear on cable TV and talk radio about imports, manufacturing, China, the trade deficit, and the future of the American economy. In his book by the same title as this lecture, Griswold cites a FEE favorite, Frederic Bastiat, and elaborates on how the famous French continues to illuminate the U.S. trade debate.
The American Spectator called Mad About Trade “a volume as accessible and persuasive as it is indispensable, as fresh and uplifting as it is firmly grounded in accumulated wisdom–a rare bird, indeed.”

Evening at FEE: Mad About Trade from FEE on Vimeo.

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