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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Entrepreneur T.K. Coleman Joins FEE As Director of Entrepreneurial Education

Talent expands targeted outreach for free-market economics education

Atlanta–The Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) is excited to announce that entrepreneur and educator T.K. Coleman is joining FEE as its new Director of Entrepreneurial Education. Beginning today, T.K. will pioneer this brand-new role at FEE, guiding the organization in outreach to underserved audiences and adding to effective educational content and experience creation across FEE.

As Director of Entrepreneurial Education, T.K. will lead a multi-year, multi-platform initiative to bring the economic way of thinking and wider freedom philosophy to new FEE audiences, focusing on African-American and Hispanic students nationwide. He will also take a leading role in FEE’s hallmark One-Day and Three-Day seminars, along with the flagship FEEcon experience.

“T.K. has been a renowned fixture at FEE’s seminars and experiences over the past five years, sharing with thousands of students his experience and excitement for taking responsibility of one’s own life and happiness,” said Richard N. Lorenc, FEE’s Executive Vice President. “Now we are thrilled to have T.K. on board full-time to add his extraordinary energy and insight to FEE’s formidable team.”

“The intersection of personal character and the freedom philosophy is fundamental to FEE’s message, and T.K. makes that case with extraordinary persuasiveness and by his own example,” said Jason Riddle, FEE’s Vice President of Programs & Strategic Operations.

In addition to his new role at FEE, T.K. continues as the Education Director at Praxis, a FEE business partner dedicated to offering unique apprenticeship opportunities for high-achieving young people. At Praxis, T.K. is a proven leader and innovator, coaching participants, managing the advising team, and improving the educational experience.

“FEE has always sought to ignite the spark of creativity in each person so that they can create value for themselves and others in a free and civil society,” said FEE’s President Lawrence W. Reed. “I can think of few people as accomplished as T.K. in inspiring young people to act for their personal fulfillment, and teaching them to abandon the antiquated and destructive notion that government should in any way be responsible for a person’s happiness.”

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