Economics of Entrepreneurship Course

Discover the link between entrepreneurship, personal character, and free markets:

  • 40 ready-to-go lessons are ideal for enrichment or as an elective course
  • Comes complete with engaging videos, articles, and interactive activities
  • Teaches the humane and ethical principles of free markets and entrepreneurship 

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Economics of Entrepreneurship
  • Module 1: What is Entrepreneurship?
  • Module 2: What is the Entrepreneur’s Role in Creating Value?
  • Module 3: How Can Entrepreneurs Use Economics to Make Better Decisions?
  • Module 4: How Does Trade Create Wealth?
  • Module 5: What Do Profit and Loss Tell Us?
  • Module 6: What Institutional Factors Encourage Entrepreneurship?
  • Module 7: What are the Links between Entrepreneurship, Personal Character, and Civil Society?
  • Module 8: How Do I Become an Entrepreneur?

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This course is great for:
  • Students interested in starting a business or learning more about the economic way of thinking
  • Teachers seeking to complement learning objectives taught in introductory-level economics, business, history, and civics classes
  • Leaders of youth organizations looking for lessons and activities around entrepreneurship, economics, personal character, and civil society 
  • Parents wanting their students to get the most out of life through making better choices and better understanding the tradeoffs involved with those choices