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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Bill Frezza Wins the 2016 Beth Hoffman Prize

His work highlights New Zealand's rise from the ashes

Congratulations to Bill Frezza for winning the 2016 Beth Hoffman prize for economic writing. This is the fifth year that FEE has awarded the prize, which carries with it a cash prize of $2,500. Through the generosity of a FEE donor, the prize was established to commemorate the late Beth A. Hoffman, long-time managing editor of the Freeman. The award recognizes the best article on economics or economic history published in the previous year. Bill wins for his research and writing on New Zealand’s economic reform.

To believe much good can come from politics represents the triumph of hope over experience. But Frezza has demonstrated that it can happen. Reforms in the 1980s and 1990s turned out New Zealand’s economy. These reforms included privatization, tax reductions, deregulations, accounting changes for how bureaucracies are evaluated, spending cuts, and dramatic changes that liberalized labor law. The results have been spectacular, making New Zealand a land of opportunity and the 3rd freest economy on earth. 

Beth Hoffman (1950–2008) joined the foundation staff in the 1970s. Besides working on the Freeman, she also edited books, pamphlets, and other materials. Over the years FEE supporters and seminar students came to know her as the friendly face or voice on the telephone, ever ready to assist anyone seeking to learn or share the freedom philosophy.