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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Anna Cuthrell Named Director of Alumni Relations

FEE would like to congratulate Anna Cuthrell on recently being named Director of Alumni Relations for the Foundation.  This is a new position at FEE and an indicator of the Foundation’s increased focus on bringing seminar alumni together, keeping them up to date on FEE’s activities, and providing them with current knowledge and tools to enable them to be community leaders and active proponents of liberty.

“Anna has been with FEE for over a year, and she has shown herself to be a highly motivated team-member with great organization skills and a passion for bringing people together to learn at our annual Summer Seminars,” according to FEE Executive Director Carl Oberg.  “We want Anna to take those same skills and apply them to our massive and growing list of alumni.  FEE has been around for 65 years and has produced numerous leaders in every part of the country.  We need to reach out to those people and keep them refreshed with the newest ideas so they can accomplish even more.”

  • Brian Aitken is a marketing consultant, entrepreneur, and writer who is well known for being imprisoned, and later released on firearms charges he denies.