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Monday, May 24, 2021

2021 Summer Notes from FEE

It's been a chaotic year, but FEE navigated the storm to reach brighter horizons than ever before.


In the past year, governments and authorities tried to put the world on pause, but FEE accelerated its mission of equipping young people with the ideals and principles of a free society with greater tenacity than ever.

Below are some monumental highlights from our 2021 Summer Notes from FEE. The full PDF file is available for download above.

A Note on FEE’s 75th Anniversary

On March 7, 2021 we celebrated the 75th anniversary of the establishment of the Foundation for Economic Education. In 1946 post-War America, many questions lingered about the direction the country would take. Would the big-government, top-down economic policies of the previous decade continue? Would the ideas of free enterprise and liberty reemerge and pull the country from the destructive aftermath of the New Deal?

Leonard E. Read founded FEE to advance the principles of free markets and return the country to the ideas of liberty at a time when they were needed most. This mission hasn’t changed.

Reading Ludwig Von Mises’s letter to Leonard E. Read upon the formation of FEE is both humbling and inspiring. This simple exchange between two great thinkers never ceases to encourage me.

After 75 years, FEE has indeed been “crowned with success.” Our organization has been a leading, unrelenting voice for free enterprise and limited government. We have reached millions of people through the decades with these foundational ideas.

But defending and advancing the principles of liberty requires vigilance and an unwavering belief in the brighter future freer markets and freer people can bring.

FEE will continue to be a leading voice to our national audience—promoting free market principles and standing against the dangerous growth of government power.

We will continue to compellingly engage, inspire, and equip millions of young Americans with the ideas and principles of economic freedom and individual liberty.

Thank you for standing beside us and for the unprecedented impact you are having on the thinking of America’s rising generation and the future of this country.

Zilvinas “Z” Silenas

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