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2012 Foundation for Economic Education Award Winners for Best Book and Best Article in Austrian Economics

Tsvetelin M. Tsonevski

The Society for the Development of Austrian Economics (SDAE) announced the winners of 2012 Foundation for Economic Education awards. In the category Best Book in Austrian economics the award goes to Living Economics: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow, author Peter J. Boettke. In the category for Best Article, the award goes to Hayekian Anarchism, authors Edward Peter Stringham and Todd J. Zywicki.

The Foundation for Economic Education is extremely pleased that this year the prestigious awards go to scholars closely related to FEE. Peter J. Boettke is Distinguished Member of FEE’s Board of Scholars and a FEE Trustee, while Edward Stringham and Todd Zywicki are FEE alumni.

The awards, which include a check and plaque, will be presented at the SDAE annual dinner to be held on Saturday, November 17, in Sheraton New Orleans.

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