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The Freeman is the flagship publication of the Foundation for Economic Education and one of the oldest and most respected journals of liberty in America. For more than 50 years it has uncompromisingly defended the ideals of the free society.

Through its articles, commentaries and book reviews, several generations of Americans have also learned the consequences and contradictions that flow from collectivism, interventionism, and the welfare state.

No other magazine, outlet, or scholarly journal introduces readers to so many implications of what the free society is all about: its moral legitimacy, its tremendous efficiency, and its liberating effects in every area of life. 


The Freeman's Articles

Collectivism Is a Disease

What does an individualist doctor do in an increasingly collectivist medical system? He quits.

- March 03, 2016

What Are Your Star Wars Politics?

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away the Galactic Empire was split between those using the Dark Side of the Force to accomplish their ends against those preferring peaceful and persuasive means. Answer this five-question quiz to see where your politics lie in the Star Wars Universe.

- December 04, 2015

We Don’t Need Mass Incarceration to Reduce Crime

Mass imprisonment is an expression of society's collective ignorance.

- November 19, 2015

Are You Liberal?

This 20 question quiz deals with the relationship between liberty and the state, and your own views concerning this relationship. It takes on 20 specific topics in economics, politics, and law. Choose the answer that best reflects your view.

- November 09, 2015

Who Is Building the Private, Peer-to-Peer Marketplace?

“The ability to engage in trade directly with someone in person is a great thing, and it’s a shame that hasn’t been possible online — until now.”

- July 27, 2015

Freedom's Globetrotter: An Interview with Lawrence Reed

Pennywise journalist, black-marketer, prisoner of communists, and dining companion to orangutans, FEE's skydiving president, Larry Reed, shares some stories from his travels.

- April 01, 2015

Curing Our Leadership Crisis: An Interview with John Allison

“You are responsible for doing the best you can with what happens to you.”

- March 09, 2015

Freedom's Presidents

For Presidents' Day, Jeffrey Rogers Hummel, Ivan Eland, Lawrence W. Reed, Burton Folsom, Amity Shlaes, and Paul Kengor share their thoughts on the better presidents.

- February 16, 2015

Biting the Invisible Hand: An Interview with Peter Foster

“Anti-capitalist sentiment is a combination of economic misunderstanding, moral condemnation, and political exploitation,” Foster explains.

- February 02, 2015

36 Resolutions for 2015

We at FEE share our thoughts for improving our lives and those of the people around us.

- December 31, 2014

Last-Minute Gift Ideas from the Folks at FEE

Did you put off any of your holiday shopping to the last minute? The folks at FEE have got you covered.

- December 23, 2014

Adventures in Economic Fairyland

Educating people about phenomena that are counterintuitive, not-so-easy to remember, and suggest our individual lack of human control can seem like an uphill battle in the war of ideas.

- December 01, 2014

Citizens of the Cloud

The Freeman sat down with the future’s most dangerous woman — dangerous, that is, if you’re a legacy government. 

- November 19, 2014

By Word of Mouse (1954)

The blessings of capitalism are the backdrop for a game of cat and mouse.

- November 05, 2014

Hayek’s Rules of Order

Forty years after Hayek won the Nobel Prize in economics, he is coming to be understood as much more than an economist. Who will stand on his shoulders next?

- November 04, 2014

Budget Compact: An Interview with Nick Dranias

FEE’s director of programs, Richard Lorenc, got to sit down with Nick Dranias and talk about his work on national debt reform.

- October 20, 2014

Parking, Prices, and the End of Circling: An Interview with Max Marty

CEO Max Marty and his team are attempting to solve parking problems with peer-to-peer networking and dynamic pricing. But it’s not without controversy. The Freeman sat down with the start-up chief to discuss his Volo app.

- October 13, 2014

Change Is Coming to The Freeman

Freedom remains our prime value. And we still take our mission seriously after all these years. 

- October 01, 2014

FEE Then and Now

Distinguished fellow Jeffrey Tucker has written a stirring tribute to FEE. In it, he offers key insights into our place in a burgeoning movement.

- September 18, 2014

Full Disclosure: Reed Interview

The Daily Bell interviews FEE President Lawrence Reed. If you're curious about how FEE is doing -- and what we're doing -- this is the interview for you.

- August 11, 2014

Tax Flight

When America’s entrepreneurs flee, they shouldn’t be demonized or hunted down. They’re preserving the capital needed to keep making the world a better place.

- July 01, 2014

Red Scare: An Interview with Naomi Brockwell

We sit down with Naomi Brockwell to discuss the power of art, cultivating a persona, the promise of cryptocurrencies, and more. 

- June 25, 2014

The All-Seeing Eye

The surveillance State is far more powerful than its creators could have dreamed. More and more individuals are out-innovating it. But will they reach critical mass?

- June 02, 2014

Plunder in the 21st Century

Wealth inequality is a hot topic and Thomas Piketty’s new book is driving a lot of the buzz. But the book's flaws are rooted as much in philosophy as economics.

- May 23, 2014

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